Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It has been an AWESOME week. I have rested, exercised, enjoyed taking time out with my brother, sister in law and new nephew. It has been rejuvenating, and refreshing, and did I mention I read an entire book without falling asleep? I usually don't make it past the first three sentences before I start nodding off. I am halfway through book number two. YIKES!

There was a lot of fun and rest packed into the last 6 days, and there should have been a lot more packed into the next 4, but Ike decided to take a course that has set forth a plan of evacuation. Tomorrow afternoon I will board a plane bound for Raleigh, three days earlier than planned, and although I will have had 7 days with my brother and his family, it hardly seems like enough...

There is a lot to get done in the next 24 hours. My brother has to evacuate US Navy planes Thursday morning, Jennifer and Connor will head to a friends house further inland sometime Thursday as well. Tomorrow is not only my packing day (which really won't take long) but also preparation day for their house, and for their little family to scatter across the southwest and hunker down.

I am bummed. I have really enjoyed the last several days with Jennifer, Connor and Matt. I must admit, I feel a little robbed, but at the same time, there is probably some good in me having a day or two to re-engage when I get back.

See you soon Raleigh and Cary...see you soon.

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