Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Then there were two...

No this is not a post about dating or relationships!

But, I am laughing at the moment, as I have had the ongoing TV debate and many of you have commented in a variety of different ways.

Well, at the moment, the TV-less girl has TWO TV's in her apartment.  One that was loaned to me when I moved in, and one that was given.  I am realizing that my stint of no-TV isn't working too well.  I am clueless when it comes to most conversation, so I will give it a try, and hopefully still have some balance in life.  Besides, The Office starts soon!


Christine Lukasavige said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am pretty out of the whole TV conversation thing since we don't have cable. Oh well, thats why we have a DVD player :) The Office is the only thing we try to watch on TV. The bunny ears make it really fuzzy but it's oh so worth it.

Anonymous said...

Same here...we haven't had cable in years and have decided not to get the converter box when the signal changes to digital next Feb. My oldest son, Wes, doesn't believe I can quit TV. I told him it wasn't hard if all you get is 4 fuzzy channels. He ordered two converter boxes. One for his TV at college and one for me because he doesn't believe I can quit. That has strengthened my resolve even more. But then, I should never say never. Every time I do, I make a fool of myself. It happens a lot. --eddie owens