Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Confusion...and more appointments to come

So a few weeks back I had the dreaded scope to determine what was causing me to be sick the last year and a half.

After the scope while I was telling Gwenn the same story three times in a row and coming out of my drugged state, Dr Pai came by and said that it was evident that I had Sprue (aka Celiac's disease) because of the damage to my small intestine.  He then said he still took tissue for the sake of biopsy, but said that it was Celiac's and to make an appointment with him for follow up in four months.  The treatment for Celiac's disease is to not eat gluten.  

It has been difficult, but well worth it.  It seems to have done the trick.  I feel healthier than I have in ages, so healthy that when I accidently get gluten I am well aware within hours.  I have more energy, feel stronger, and am not lethargic or spending hours on the toilet every day.  

About a week and a half ago I start the longest game ever of phone tag with his nurse as she wanted to inform me of my biopsy results.  She called.  I returned the call.  She called again.  I called again.  Literally for a week straight.  I finally asked her to leave me a voice mail of the results.

This weekend I get a voice mail.  "Pam, this is Dr. Pai's office and I wanted to share your biopsy results with you.  Your biopsy results DO NOT indicate Celiac's disease, our guess is that your intestinal damage instead is because of a gluten intolerance. Call us if you  have any questions."

If I have questions...
How do I have a small intestine that is showing evidence of Celiac's disease but not have it?
What is Gluten intolerance?
What is the difference between the two since the treatment is the same?

Yeah.  So not much has changed in the diet, just the diagnosis.  I thought I had answers.  I will be making another appointment to get new ones.

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