Saturday, August 23, 2008

Between Two worlds...

I ran across this quote earlier this evening as I was preparing for a debriefing session with our high school students tomorrow night:

"You will never be able to go home will probably always leave part of yourself behind, and thereafter will be split...and home may be in more than one place.  But that is the price you pay for the richness of having experienced more than one culture deeply."

--Dr. Miriam Adeney

This is SO true!

I felt this way 8 years ago after spending the summer in South America.  I felt this way 3 years ago as I left Outreach, Inc., and I feel this way now after leaving Tanzania.  I still don't know where home is, but I have had the rich blessing of having pieces of my heart scattered around this world.  This icky feeling I sometimes have when I long to be in Chile or in Tanzania, or really even among the urban poor in the USA is quite painful, but, it is well worth it.

Just remind me of that when I am grumbling and complaining when I am missing empanadas or tea and chapati or the lovely ladies who made them.


Amber said...

Hey Pam! For the past couple weeks I've been thinking about how I'm going to be home soon. When I think of how I anticipate I'll feel the only description I can come up with is "weird". The quote in this entry has provided the perfect description for how I feel now and how I know I will continue to feel once I'm back on USA soil. Thanks for helping me learn to start to process re-entry!

Anonymous said...

Empanadas are good! My mom, who lives here now, but is a native Chilean from Angol, Chile, knows how to make killer empanadas. Actually, my wife has improved on Mom's recipe, but please don't tell my mom :=\

--eddie owens