Saturday, August 09, 2008

The absent blogger.

I have had a few comments about my lack of blogging.  But lately I didn't feel like there was anything worth writing about...I mean often can I expect you to read about my frustrations with Celiac's disease?

This week was low key, which I appreciated. I did my best to not eat gluten, and some got in me anyhow.  Did you know that curry powder has gluten in it?  Neither did I.  Neither did I.  I did learn from a message board, that not all curry powder does, but the one that was in my cabinet, did, which means that awesome rice and bean dish I made earlier this week, had it in there too.  Which explains the way I felt on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  I am finally coming out of the fog.

There are perks to this illness:
1.  I have to buy really good food!  
2.  I have to be more intentional about getting the good stuff in there. 
3.  I have an excuse to be picky about where I eat.
4.  I have an excuse to spend time pouring over cookbooks (I never mentioned my love of cookbooks before I don't think, but really I am addicted!)
5.  I get to try new recipes, and so far, most of them have been really good.

So, it isn't all that bad.  Yeah, my grocery bill is insane, and I am learning a new way of life, but there are bonuses.  

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Jen said...

curry powder? wow. so much for me saying indian food was safe! i've asked a bunch times if everything is wheat free and they assure me it is. i'm not sure about the other glutens. oops!

it really is a learning experience, isn't it? i'm still learning some tough lessons about what is in food even after a year of no wheat and eggs.

one of my fave blogs is she does a great job of reviewing items, rating them, giving a list of ingredients...and even showing pictures! i've found lots of great foods through her.