Sunday, August 17, 2008

5 calls, 4.5 hours, and 3 days...

That is the internet hook-up short story.

I should start this post with the phrase, "You all know nothing goes right the first time when it involves me, and technology."

So I finally took the plunge, went to Time Warner, picked up my own modem and signed up for my own internet connection.  Afterall, I was using one in my home on a regular basis, and I wasn't paying for it, and although it was "free" the network named "steve" wasn't reliable...and I felt guilty using the network called "steve" without paying for it.

I pick up the easy self install kit, pay, go run some more errands and then when I get home start to install it.  I get almost done and as I click to open my browser a page comes up and the next step is to call customer service.

I call. I am put on hold.  Then Transfered.  Then I waited...45 minutes.  45 minutes without interruption, no personal contact at all, and you all know how I feel about automated support!

I call again.  Transfered again.  On hold for another 30.  I give up again.

Later Lisa and I are watching House on DVD (that in itself is another story, it has been a technology filled weekend) and I decide to call and figure I can sit there on hold while we watch an episode or two.  Another transfer.  Another 1.5 hours on hold.  Still no human contact.  And really disappointing music.

Lisa laughs at my persistence and goes to bed.  It is now 1 am.  I give it another 20 minutes and head to bed.  Still no internet.  Still no contact with the automated service, except the guy who transfered me each time insists that the service is 24/7 here in Raleigh.

Saturday I tried again.  Twice.

Tonight I tried again.  Praise God a woman who knew what she was talking about answered the phone.  She apologized and laughed as I told her about my weekend, and was kind enough to offer to let me talk to the manager if I wanted.  She seemed like a fun customer service rep, she obliged my whining, and laughed as I joked so I passed.  In about 5 minutes flat she had me up and running.  I asked her afterwards, "so, where were you friday night?"  She was off.  She apologized again, and offered to let me speak to the manager and complain, I told her no thanks, I appreciated her help, and encouraged her to tell the manager that she just helped to keep a customer because tomorrow I had plans to march into Time Warner and let them know I was going to find another service provider.  I heard her smile.  

So a project I have been putting off for 2 months is finally completed, it only took 5 calls, 4.5 hours of wasting time on hold, and 3 days.  No wonder I put it off.

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Sarah said...

I'm surprised you had such trouble getting the internet up! That was the one thing that went right for us when we moved in. A guy was out to set it all up for us (for free!) the first day we were here... long before our furniture arrived even... so I guess now you know our priorities ;)

--Sarah Crissman