Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have learned a lot today about Celiac's disease, eating gluten free, and how life is going to change.

It is overwhelming to be quite honest.  I spent way too much time in the grocery store scanning labels for secret gluten in items.  I have a feeling, that although it will be a little more expensive I might find myself at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods because they are nice enough to label the items gluten free so they are easy to spot.

Oh, and the bill.  Easily doubled.  Thankfully I most often cook for 1.  

There are some awesomely helpful resources out there, in addition to buying groceries, I picked up a few highly recommended books as well.  

One of the books spent an entire chapter on how gluten affects the emotions.  Apparently several people who wrestle with anxiety, inability to concentrate and depression also have gluten issues.  I never really considered myself emotionally unstable, but I wonder if my new lifestyle will also reveal a more content, less stressed me.

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