Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where have the phone operators gone?

And I am a little tired this morning.  
Which means I have a few complaints.

Let's talk customer service.  I got a bill today for some tests I had a few weeks ago.  None of them were covered by insurance, so I called to find out why.  Which meant calling the insurance company.  Then the testing company.  Then the doctors office.  And I am grumpy now.

One thing I have found incredibly annoying since I returned from Tanzania is automated telephone operators.  American Airlines has one I have heard way too many times, and apparently my insurance company, and testing company have the same one.  The voice is eerily the same, and the groaning in my soul shows up in the same manner.

As I sit and answer questions by pressing a keypad button, or by verbal response, the tension rises and I get more and more annoyed.  Although I generally am very kind to the person who eventually  answers the call, it is very hard to do so after talking to a computer for 5 minutes and then having a statement on repeat while I wait.  

Is it really helpful for the representative to have the automated response answer for them first? Cause they really ask me the same questions once they get on the phone.  All of the things I enter with the keypad are again asked and verified when the call is finally answered by a person.  

I guess, in my mind, I think good customer service includes a person answering the phone.  I really don't mind being on hold, as long as I get to talk to a person.

As for my claim.  I am getting the run around.  Welcome to the USA Pam, where health care is available but is also costly.

Thanks for letting me whine and ramble.  It was amazingly helpful.

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Gwenn Mangine said...

A lot of times when I am in the automated telephone operator run-around, I just hit zero. A lot of times that will take you to a human... not always, but it's worth a try.