Saturday, July 12, 2008

A TV-less vegetarian! GASP!

I have been debating two somewhat controversial ideas lately.  They aren't life-threatening or highly controversial, but I am sure they will raise some eyebrows in some circles.

1.  Becoming a vegetarian.
2.  Not putting a TV in my apartment.

So before you all stone me, call me names, or put me in that "she is one of those weird Christian's" category, let me explain myself.

The first idea:  Becoming a Vegetarian.
First, let me say that this one, has little to do with moral values, or ethics, and it isn't a political statement at all.  It stems mainly from the fact that I don't really like meat, and well, I don't trust what hormones etc are put in meat, and I don't want to spend money on meat.  I love all things vegetable anyhow, so it seems to be a win-win idea for me.  Why spend money on meat I don't want to cook?  And why eat it if I am questioning what is in it?  And, lets be honest folks, meat is pretty expensive!  Mom and grandma were pretty shocked by this decision, they didn't complain one bit though about the food I prepared them over the weekend.  For those of you close, I don't expect you to alter  your lives because of my new meat-less life choice.  Since my decision is not one based on morals or ethics it really doesn't offend, and I haven't really gone full swing, and don't know if I will.  I still eat eggs regularly, but I know where they come from and I know they don't have anything "extra" added in!  This rambling is going no where. 

The second idea:  The TV-less apartment.  
This is likely the choice that will get the most attention.  I feel it is probably pretty un-American to NOT have a TV in my apartment.  This also, is not a decision based on morals or ethics, but based on knowledge about my personality.  When I have a TV, and Cable (which comes free with the apartment) I become accustomed to spending WAY too much time in front of it.  I lived for two years in Tanzania without a TV, and life seemed to open up in new ways.  I read more, I learned more, I slept more, and I realized that I didn't lose anything by removing the TV.  I will add a caveat that with the option of watching most shows online, I don't really need to have a TV because if I really want to watch something, I can catch it 24 hours later online, for free.

Where I am on this debate at the moment:
TV's are expensive.  Yes, friends loaned me one, and yes I whole-heartedly appreciate it. Although it is still in the corner and remains unused.
TV's remove the opportunity for conversation with guests.  I noticed this weekend that mom, grandma and I talked more and interacted more than normal.  There wasn't a movie to watch or a show to keep us busy.  We had to interact with each other and it was good!  

There are two times in life when I think owning a TV would be beneficial:
1.  Girl's night.  What girls night doesn't have a good girl movie?
2.  When I am sick on the couch.  Movie's are a treasure when you are sick, but really, how often am I sick on the couch?  Rarely.  Hardly worth the cash.

So yeah, shoot me.  I of course am still on the fence with both of these ideas, but I am leaning in a direction so far.  I have stopped buying meat, and I will not buy a TV at this juncture in life.  

Your thoughts?  Your fears?  Concerns?  Ready to put me in a "she's a weird one" club.  Go ahead, I can take it.  


Travis said...

She's a weird one? Not unless you consider a "TiVo Addiction" to be normal...but yes, I would have to think that not having a TV would open up some more "listening" space, and not the "listening to the news" space but the "listening to God's direction" space.

The debate is up for grabs because as it stands my new dorm at NC State will have a pretty sweet TV (from my roommate)...but the moderation of its use may be more important for me to challenge myself to.

If there's a "weird one's" club...I want to join.

Stasi said...

We lived the past year without cable or analog reception. It Didnt kill us. We did have a TV & VCR for movies though (mostly old Andy Grifith episodes.) If your computer plays DVD's, Girls nights and sick days may still be possible. it's less tempting to waste time watching a movie on your computer screen.

as for the meat, if I was single, i'd totally join you.

Pye's In Haiti said...

My only comment is you better bring meat with you when you come to Haiti!!!! See you in a few days!

Jennifer said...

Well you may change your mind about the meat thing if you were at your brother's house last night. He made a pork roast on the grill that was fabulous. His quote for the night..."I'm going to have to give my Mom a call and tell her I have surpassed her in the cooking of the pork roast."

D. L. Webster said...

I haven't really had a TV in years. (I have on rare occasion used my computer for tv/movies.) I haven't missed it at all. It's funny because I realize that I make TV more than I watch it.

Nelly said...

I like meat, if well-seasoned. I hate TV. I largely support your disemboweling TVs from your life.

I like you.