Monday, July 21, 2008

This one is for my brother...

My brother (who will be a dad by the end of the week) is awesome.  I rave about him often and really, consider him to be not just a big brother, but a friend.  I am thankful for the relationship we have.

My brother encourages me to do things that I would normally be intimidated by doing.  He has always challenged me to follow dreams, and do things I wanted to do, regardless of how silly it seemed to other people.  When I wanted to move to Africa, he was fully on board.  When I came home, he again was right beside me.  When I have fun adventures, he laughs and enjoys them with me, and when things are rough, he cries with me too.  I did a few things this weekend, that made me think I had to call him right away.  I heard his voice when I was staring off the rocks thinking I was nuts for climbing up there in the first place, and I have to admit, I thought of him the entire 15 minutes I was in a little 6 seater plane.  I thought of how awesome it would have been to have him enjoying it with me.  Oddly enough, we both encourage each other to do crazy things, but never get to do them together.

I love my job because I get to be an encourager, I get to get people involved around the world, I get to love kids who might otherwise be forgotten, and I get to live out my heart's cry to stand up for the poor.  I have to admit though, that when I get to live my heart, I also get to find some adventure too.

My cliff jump.

My 6 seater airplane ride from Jacmel, Haiti to Port au Prince, Haiti.  It was AMAZING to fly at between 3000 and 4000 feet through the mountains. 


andrea said...

your pics are totally freaking O out...especially the little plane!!

love you sister!

Anonymous said...

Yay for MAF!

Jason Thiemann