Thursday, July 03, 2008

Swahili and Haiti Preparations!

So I am going to Haiti in two weeks and I honestly couldn't be more excited!  I will be visiting Haitian Children's Home a ministry supported by Crosspointe.

Last week I had looked over my shot records and noticed that all vaccines were current except my tetanus shot, so I called and asked for a nurses appointment to get the shot.  Well after Jonathan and Adrianne's trip, (we have the same Family Doctor) I was told I needed to come in.  

**sidenote:  the events of Jonathan and Adrianne's trip were atypical in all meaning of the word, and yes mom, dad and big brother Matt, I will be ok!

So I went in, and I have to say, Dr Bloom is awesome so I really don't mind having to go in, and the fact that his nurse is from Kenya and speaks Swahili is worth the $20 co-pay.  I got some good swahili practice, and low and behold I didn't need the tetanus shot, but to be on the safe side I still got stuck with a needle to make sure I am immune to Hep A.  Apparently some people get the vaccine but aren't fully immune when it is complete.  

So I got stuck anyhow, but was talking in swahili the entire time, and learning about where I can buy flour to make ugali and where I can go to church "African Style" and learning that there is a community of people from all over East Africa living here in the Raleigh-Durham area.

And still completely unrelated...Steve shared this video with me today, and it cracked me up.  The out-takes (also found on youtube, are also hysterical!)

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Diane Davis said...

I know it is an aquired taste, but I totally miss ugali, sukuma wiki, and nbuzi choma! I don't, however, miss the village meat that was hanging in the sun for days. Nor do I miss the warm Tusker.

My Peace Corps friends who live on the east coast say there is a very large Kenyan (or Swahili speaking) population. Not so much where I live in CA.

Fun you got to practice your swahili!