Friday, July 18, 2008

Morning Reflections

Last night I sat at a table and ate dinner with Magdalene on one side of me:
And Tina on the other.
And this morning as I sat on the balcony reading, taking in the view and listening to the crashing waves I was floored by the vision of HCH.  These two lovely little girls are in a family. They have a mom, a dad, and lots of brothers and sisters, and they have home, not just physically but in their hearts.  They eat dinner at a table together, they do chores together, they play and watch movies together, and yes, I even saw a little bit of sibling rivalry going on (but just a little:)

It is quite a thing to realize that the kids living with Danny and Leann would have a remarkably different life if they weren't in this home.  Some would be slaves.  Some would live on the street.  Some would probably be into drugs and alcohol.  Some might already have their own kids that they couldn't afford to support let alone themselves.  All of them would be broken hearted and without hope.

It is an awesome thing to sit at a table with the kids.  I have a better understanding of God and his picture of redemption, healing, and restoration.

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