Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lover of all things gluten.

Duh.  Aren't we all???!?!?  

Last Friday people gave me sympathies when I told them we had finally found out what was wrong with me.  I shrugged my shoulders, and said I was glad to have a diagnosis and then informed them that I had lived without gluten before in the experiment phase so I know it is challenging, but I can do it, and it won't be that bad.

I. Was.  Wrong.

This is hard.  I am discovering that I get to second guess everything I put into my mouth.  I second guess every frozen entree (which I really don't like by the way) because just because it says it is gluten free doesn't necessarily mean it is...or so the books say.

I spend a LOT of time thinking about food these days, particularly trying to figure out how to get what my body needs for daily sustenance, to try and be reasonably healthy and also enjoy my eating experiences.  Is that too much to ask?

No, it's not.  It just takes more time.  More advanced planning, and more trips to the grocery. 

I am on a new learning curve folks.  It isn't unbearable, and there are tons of resources out there, it is just a lot to take in.

On a positive note, tomorrow is Cheesecake factory's 30th anniversary.  In honor of that anniversary, the price of cheesecake is $1.50 per slice.  Since I consider eating out to be horribly difficult I decided to not even consider this delicacy, until I took it a few steps further and found out the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake...is GLUTEN FREE!

Anyone joiners?  


Lori said...

what time are you going? I could squeeze in a slice about 1:30 pm before I head to the gym to subsequently exercise it back off :)
Hey at that price you could go a couple times that day. It does have calcium!

Gwenn Mangine said...

I am sorry Pam. I really am. I can't imagine having to cut out gluten. Even eggs (which is pretty easy to do) is a pain in the butt.

I hope you get into a good groove.

I'd love to go to the cheesecake factory today-- you have NO IDEA how much I would love to, but at some point, good sense has to win over my love for cheesecake if I am going to drop a few dozen of these pounds I need to...

I will be thinking of some yummy gluten-free meals. How about Pasta Mangine over spaghetti squash?

Brazenlilly said...

Pam, you should check out my friend Julie's blog--a link on my page. She is going gluten free too, and I think you guys would have a lot to talk about! Today she posted about a gluten free donut!

Brian Williams said...

I can't make the celebration due to other committments but how about buying me 1200 slices of cheesecake please? I'll pay you back in eggs :-)