Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Last (gluten) Supper

Gwenn called me this morning.  While I was sleeping through the exhaustion from my week of traveling she remembered it was my last day of Gluten and thought maybe I should exit the gluten life with a bang!

Note:  I have my testing tomorrow, and while there hasn't been a formal diagnosis, if the last month has anything to say it appears that gluten is the problem.  In order to get accurate test results I was told to eat wheat/gluten every day for a month up until my testing tomorrow.

So, we went to Maggiano's and had a gluten feast.  Bread, Coke (which has gluten), Spinach Salad, another salad, fried zucchini, pasta, more pasta, and of course cake and tiramisu.  Yes we were gluttonous, but it was "family style."  It was some terribly good food, full of gluten, and let me tell you, not only am I full now, but I am already feeling the gluten pain.  We had loads of leftovers, I only came home with one box though, as the only thing without gluten was the spinach salad.

Thanks Gwenn, Nick and C.C. for the last hurrah!


D. L. Webster said...

Pam! You have no arms!

It's interesting how similar the words "gluten" and "glutton" are.

Gwenn Mangine said...

I was just remembering that chocolate cake with fondness...