Friday, July 25, 2008

The Last (gluten) morning.

I have learned in the last month, that the worst times of day when I eat gluten is in the morning.  I don' t have a clue as to why, maybe because my dinner simmers in my gut all night.  Regardless mornings are the much so that I added an extra hour to my "time to get ready" the last thirty days.

Today is not exception.  I have been up the last couple of hours reeling the physical pain and nausea among other things.  I will say however, that I find comfort knowing that after today I don't ever have to feel like this again.

Have you noticed how pain sometimes seems like less when you know it is going to end, or when it has ended?  Maybe that is why my sister can say, "it was easy" after all she has a beautiful baby boy in her arms.  Maybe that is why I say my tattoo didn't hurt, honestly I don't remember it hurting, I remember holding my breath the entire time, but I don't remember the pain, but it is over, and I don't have to do it again.  

It's my last morning of self-induced gluten pain (at least those are my assumptions. that it is the last morning and that it is gluten.)

Bring on the extra hour of sleep!

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