Sunday, July 20, 2008

A home in the making

This is Gwenn.  Gwenn is standing at the sight of her future home.  

It is also the home where 20 other Haitian children will be invited into a family. 

They will leave a house where they are slaves, and walk into a home where they are children.

They will leave a plot of land where they are taken advantage of, and will walk onto land that is full of opportunities for them to take advantage of.

They will leave a life where they are owned by another human being because they were sold or abandoned, and enter into a life where they are free.  Free to be themselves, who God made them to be.

That plot of land has a whole lot more beauty in store than the physical beauty you see here.  

What a glorious revolution is about to take place!  It is fun to be a part of it, and dream as a part of Crosspointe and our future involvement in this redemption story.

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