Friday, July 18, 2008

Haiti Day 2

Today was an awesome day.  We took a drive to Basin Bleu where we saw some AMAZINGLY beautiful parts of Haiti, and I jumped off a cliff, and it was way scarier than it looks.  Just ask Stephen and he will agree.

The most beautiful part of the day for me though, wasn't the amazing waterfall or the beautiful hike or drive to it, but instead it was watching the kids in the home be loved and treated like kids...because really, that is how kids should be treated!

I had some great pictures of the day, but the internet is not allowing me to upload them.  It is way past my bedtime, so I will try to get them up for you tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am excited as we get to visit the land that Crosspointe helped HCH purchase about a month ago.  I get to hear the dream and walk on it too!  It's pretty awesome.  I stand amazed.

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