Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Loads of questions lately about gluten.  I love that people are willing and interested to learn about the challenges that face my eating habits.

And honestly, many times I haven't been able to answer them.  I was diagnosed on Friday, but my Doctor did very little to explain except for the questions I asked, and Gwenn too (thankfully one of us was not drugged on Valium and Demerol...she asked a lot of GOOD questions!)

Anyhow, I had heard about a blog, and my friend Lisa reminded me of it tonight.  I think I have found my new best friend.

The blog is Gluten-free Girl.

It has recipes.
It has funny stories.
It also had helpful answers to many of our questions about Gluten.

And so much more.  I think I might have to go buy her book, so I can mark it up and carry it with me.  

Thank you Jesus.

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