Saturday, July 19, 2008

Broken Promises and Hope for the future.

Yesterday I said I would get some pictures up from today.  The internet connection at the hotel isn't letting me do so.  You might have to wait until after I get back.  The suspense will be good for you. 

Today I stood where homes will be built for future families with Haitian Children's Home.

Families made up of kids who otherwise would have been sold into slavery, prostitution or lived in the streets.

But instead, these kids will be caught singing and dancing and playing soccer in their living room and front yards, and soon to be awesome soccer field in the corner of the property.

I watched the current kids in the home play a mean game of soccer on their make-shift field, and on the inside melted as I thought about another 140 kids.  Another 140 lives that would be allowed to live fully alive.

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