Monday, July 21, 2008

Another view of Haiti.

Yesterday was an indescribable.  We were able to dedicate the land and celebrate the amazing Gift that God provided for HCH with the kids, Danny and Leann and the Haitian Church that has been praying for this for as long as the dream was in existence.  It was an incredible high.  It was a fun Haitian/American event, that will always be remembered.  

Afterwards we headed back to the house and unloaded, prepped for dinner, well really Gwenn prepped her awesome Pasta Mangine.  Then we took a little road trip.

We took the road, to a smaller road, to the point where the car could no longer go, and went further on foot.  We walked through a "forest" of banana trees (not like any "forest in NC!) and then we came upon a little shack rented by Lucy and her kids.

Where we heard a story all to familiar here in Haiti, a story of a mother fighting to keep her children alive, but is unemployed, and losing hope.  Her kids are malnourished, she is exhausted, and they feel very alone.  Just another view of why we believe so strongly in our partnership with HCH.  

Pray for Lucy, and her kids.  Pray for employment, or an opportunity for micro-enterprise for her to be able to provide for her kids.  

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