Friday, July 25, 2008

Another first...

This week has been full of them.

I got up early, had a friend pick me up and we went to see Doctor Pai.  Who is pretty nice I would say.  I then was given an IV with Valium (a first) and Demerol (not the first time) together (that would of course be a first!)  

I was out within minutes, probably seconds and Dr.  Pai put a little tube with a camera down my throat (another first for me.) I woke up about 15 minutes later, and got to see the sample, and then immediately fell back into that drug induced stupor of dreamy land.

After the drugs wore off enough for me to be somewhat coherent, Dr Pai explained to me that I did have signs of Celiac's Disease, which is why I have been so sick.  Yay!  An Answer!

Thankfully Gwenn was sitting in the recovery area with me, because I had to ask her again and again what he said.  Apparently I had the same conversation with Gwenn a few times.

I will have to wait until the end of next week to see at which stage of Celiac's Disease I am at, but Dr. Pai said that knowing the stage won't really change anything, it just helps them to measure.

So I am gluten free again.  And I am happy to be so, it has been a long month.

If you want to know more about Celiac's Disease, there is a handy website, it also has a list of things I can and should not eat, what to watch out for etc....

Thanks for praying.  I am gonna go take a nap.


Anna said...

Hi Pam! I will be praying for you on this journey. Awhile ago I happened upon this blog
and I thought you might like to see the list of recipes she has on her website. She also has a book, but I don't know exactly what it's about. Hope it gives you some ideas for delicious meals!

Love you!

andrea said...

so glad you finally found out!
I'm looking forward to tasting all the new dishes you will be making!