Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week we wept as a staff at the loss of 3 year old Jabez in Haiti.
Last week we also jumped many hurdles I can't even begin to elaborate on in Haiti.
Last week was an emotional roller coaster beyond any that I have ever experienced.
And I am still asking...Why? 
Today I watched a family remember their 6 year old daughter who died suddenly over the weekend.
Today I handed a little girl who was maybe 8 years old a tiara as she was walking into the funeral of her friend from dance class.
As I handed it to her she started to cry.
I put down the programs I was holding and reached out to give her a hug.
She fell into my arms and I held.
And then I started to well up too.
And again I had to ask...Why?

My heart hurts for people who hurt, especially when you can't answer that looming question. 

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