Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week in Review

Yes. It is only Wednesday morning. But so much has happened in the last three days, it was time for a week in review.

Sunday was an awesome day at Crosspointe! Together we did what seemed to be impossible, and as a church community (almost every family participated) we raised over $400,000 for Haitian Children's Home to buy land and pursue their dream to change the lives of many.

Monday I woke up and followed my usual Monday morning routine of checking my bank account online to find that someone had gotten my bank card numbers and somehow managed to spend $1200 over the weekend. After I caught my breath and wiped away a few tears I called the bank. They stopped the card and said that in order for me to get the money back I would need to file a police report. I went to staff meeting and after staff meeting made a trip to the Cary Police Department. But, technically I live in Raleigh for 1 more week. So they sent me to Raleigh. I called the fine servants at Raleigh Police Department and they wouldn't do a police report because the charges appear to have occurred in Southern California, so instead they said I needed to call the respective police departments where the charges occurred. I called the San Diego Police Department and they said I needed to call Raleigh again. Yep. I got a run-around. So my boss put a call into a federal prosecutor who happens to attend our church. He is trying to help me out.

Tuesday morning I was in another meeting when we got a phone call that the Pye family was rushing Jabez to the hospital in Haiti. We stopped everything, gathered everyone and prayed. A short while later we got a call letting us know that Jabez did not make it. Although we are staff, we are friends, and things got in motion to be the best support to the Pye family we could be. Tickets were purchased for the Mangines, and for the Jonathan and Adrianne to fly out this morning.

Tuesday afternoon I went to the gastrointestinal doctor to take steps to figure out my issues. I spent about 5 minutes with a doctor who I won't ever recommend for his bedside manner, but would recommend because he was smart and obviously knew what he was doing. 15 minutes later I was scheduled for an upper digestive tract endoscopy. I was then told that for at least three weeks before my scope I need to resume a regular American diet, with gluten. So, for three weeks I have Doctors orders to eat that stuff that isn't necessarily good for you, but they taste oh so good, and then get sick. Yes, this is bittersweet news, I get to eat chocolate cake, pizza, pasta and sandwiches with real bread for three weeks, but I also get to suffer the consequences. Since this could come with a diagnosis to avoid all wheat for life, I plan on savoring each bite and having some of my favorites.

Tuesday evening I drove with Gwenn Mangine as she took her adorable kiddos to her mom who plans to take care of her kid while they are in Haiti. It was an honor to spend 4 hours in the car with her. It was hard to talk about all that was happening, and I fought my "let me fix it" personality. We had some laughs about life, and around 9:30 got back to Raleigh.

I obviously forgot about my bank account issues.

Then I went to the Bow house. Since the flight to Haiti leaves at 6:50am I agreed to stay with their awesome boys until grandma and grandpa make it down to Cary later this afternoon. As we were all heading to bed their oldest came downstairs with a fever and sore throat. The Tylenol Adrianne had given him earlier had worn off. More Tylenol and eventually his dad put him to bed. He has been up since around 4 when the Tylenol wore off again.

So, it is a PJ morning until we get a hold of the Doctors office to get this little guy in. At 5 this morning we said goodbye to mom and dad when the Mangines picked them up to go to the airport. We have taken full advantage of DVR since then.

So yeah. It is Wednesday morning. But a LOT has happened in the last 3 days.
Pray for the Bows and the Mangines, that they would bring comfort to the Pye family. Pray also as they left their own kiddos here in the USA with family.

Pray for the Pyes. Losing a child is hard. I can't imagine the loss of the child, but at the same time, I do get that doing everything in a foreign country is more difficult than doing it here. Being in Haiti adds a whole different dimension. Planning a funeral, deciding about burial vs cremation, trying to take care of family but respect the culture...its tough. Add to it that youare far from your family and close friends. Losing a child is tough, but I have to say that losing one in a foreign country with different hurdles and cultural values is tougher.

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