Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quickest move ever!

So yes, I do have a little bit of unpacking to do, but not a whole lot, that is because a huge crew showed up at my apartment this morning!

No joke, it took less than 1/2 an hour to get it all up to the third floor apartment, and then they stuck around!  Ladies unpacked boxes, ran dishes through the dishwasher, hand washed others, put lamps was madness, and beautiful!  A couple of guys made sure my bed was put together, and my dresser (gotta love IKEA!) and a bookshelf!  It was nuts folks.  Absolutely awesome and I am floored.  Seriously, there is very little left to do.  

And yes, I love my new apartment!  I ate dinner here because Adrianne brought me some groceries!  I don't think I have ever eaten dinner at a place the first night because there typically wasn't food in the pantry!   Did I mention she made sure to set me up with gluten-free food? She rocks!

So tomorrow is friday.  And I am taking back my sabbath, I actually don't remember the last time I took one.  Where are all those people who are holding me accountable?

Thanks for the help guys, it would not have been the same without you!  Really, it wouldn't!

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