Sunday, June 08, 2008

Old ways, new ways...and I hate to lose...

It amazes me that still, after 6 months back in the country I naturally revert back to things I did in Tanzania.  

Driving.  Yes, I still drive like I am in Africa...some call it agressive, I call it being defensive...or a step ahead of the other guy. :)  Also, one thing I do very often is instead of hitting the wand for the turn signal I quite often hit the wand for the washers. Not only do they move the stearing wheel and the driver, but they also reverse those little wands!  I find myself often thinking quite intently before I make a selection, and still quite regularly make the wrong one.

But, in my 6 months I have also found myself picking up new habits.  Since the thermometer has started tipping the 90 degree mark...and the last few days passing the 100 degree mark, I have become a fan of the Strawberries n creme frappuccino from this place.  That is until I learned that one of these suckers has more calories than I should consume in a meal...might kick that habit quicker than I thought!

And, one habit that is really hard to break, is my distaste for losing.  I played marbles tonight, and I lost.  I was creamed, left in the dust, bowled over by the smack down of Caden as he beat me by 57 marbles.  Pam has lost her game folks.  And yes, it hurt on the inside.

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C.C. said...

Girl, don't beat yourself up....I hate to lose too. Nothing wrong with being competitive:-)