Thursday, June 26, 2008


Is here.  Yep.  Today.  

I move into a place and am committed to that place for 13 months.  I am excited about having my own space, but I have to admit I am most excited about the sense of permanence, i haven't live in the same place for that many months in over 3 years!

And, it is way too stinkin' expensive to move out early, so you can pretty much rest assured I won't be.  Plus, I am pretty certain that I won't run out of water, or out of space (no future roomies that I know of) nor will I have men jumping over the fence, affecting security and what not. (Some of the many reasons I moved in Tanzania.)

And, FYI, blogging is helpful.  Got some emails yesterday in response to the blog.  Who would have thought that blogging would help you get people to lift boxes up to a third floor apartment.

Yes.  I am excited.  It's here!  Moving day is here!

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