Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving Day

This is incredibly short notice, but its been a crazy week!

I am moving into my apartment tomorrow.  And although I don't have giant bulky furniture I could use all the help I can get.  I know it is a thursday so many people are working and what-not but any help I can get is appreciated!

So, if you live in Cary, and want to carry a few boxes up some stairs, that would rock.

Why am I moving on a Thursday you might ask?
Cause when I signed my lease it sounded like a good idea.  My "weekend" is Friday and Saturday, and I was thinking that since that is the case then I should start my move on thursday night.  I didn't stop to think that everyone else's weekend is still Saturday and Sunday.

Anyhow.  I am moving.  I will be there a lot of the day, and really I don't anticipate it taking long.  There isn't any large bulky furniture, just a bunch of boxes.

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