Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Morning Friday

There is something extra restful about waking up in your own apartment.

I have to say, I really like having my own place (remind me of this when I complain about having to clean it!) 

I went to bed early, which means I woke up early, which means that I have already been able to lay around in bed, get a fresh breakfast (thanks again Adrianne) and sit on my patio with a copy of one of my favorite magazines.  It's a good start to a sabbath.

Everyone should have a day off.  I am a firm believer!


Brian Williams said...


First- Congrats on the new digs.
Second- Congrats on balance with a Sabbath today.
Third- Just wanted you to know that we are on track to deliver eggs for your new apt and little something extra to "mix" it up a bit.

Have a great day of rest and re-creation.


Heather said...

I am curious what magazine you were reading.

Pam said...

Brian...can't remember the price for eggs! Can you give me a heads up before sunday?

Heather...I LOVE Real Simple magazine. Can't really say why except that I do!

Brian Williams said...

The normal price for the eggs is $3 doz but these eggs are part of our housewarming gift to this weekend they are free!!!! Just return the carton when you are done and want some more. :)