Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I could do a dance.  I know I know, it is a physical object.

I am finding that I am eating my words.  Just tonight I was at the Mangines and they told me they were feeling my pain over my missing ipod.  They also asked if it was an excuse to get an iphone, to which I said no, I can't change from Verizon because of my family...and Lisa.  They were thinking it might show up, I told them I thought it was a goner.

I emailed my stepmom about 20 minutes ago telling her that it was still missing.

About five minutes ago I found it in a place that I have easily looked 10 times.  How did I miss it the first ten?  I haven't a clue.

Needless to say, I know EXACTLY where it is now, attached to my computer charging.  And I will probably be a little obsessive over its where-abouts in the near future.  And yes, I will dance, and you might catch me singing out-loud on occasion too.

THank you God for helping me to find my ipod.


woosterweester said...

Falling sparrows and ipods...nothing gets past Him! Hooray! What rejoicing when something lost is found!

Gwenn Mangine said...

It's the God of the Universe on your side Pam D.



That once happened with my engagement ring-- about 3 weeks after I had gotten it. It was lost for over a week and I finally found it in a place I had looked EASILY 10 times.

lisa said...

Happy you found the podster :-)

BTW, on gas prices from your post a few down, we're up to $7 a gallon here in Tanzania.