Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An American

Today I went to Nick and Gwenn's house with Stephen to shoot some video for church on sunday.

My job didn't involve acting, producing, or really anything to do with shooting the video, aside from calling the Mangines and asking if they were available.

My job, was taking their three lovely, yet very lively and active kiddos outside and on a walk so they wouldn't show up in the background.  

After they were finished they called me, and I returned to their apartment.  We all walked in, and I sat down, with a glistening forehead and said, "It's HOT out there!"

To which Nick (aka Elder Mangine) responded, "Pam, it's happening, you are becoming an American!"

We laughed, and I admitted that yes, I was acclimating to the USA, at least as far as temperatures are concerned.

Then there were comments about my aggressive driving, which really is another post altogether.  I will say my aggressive driving is actually evidence of my NOT acclimating.  In short, my driving is still quite Tanzanian, but my temperature of comfort is becoming more American with each passing day.


Heather said...

Hello my friend. Don't forget that God made you to adapt to the place He has placed you. It is a good thing.

Dr. j... said...

Hey ... we're overdue for a cup of TEA.
Let me know.

andrea said...

not only are you becoming more're becoming more...gasp....Cary!