Monday, May 12, 2008


I have to say, I feel like I deserve a pat on the back for this one...actually there are two things.

I have discovered that I am either picky or cheap. Or both. Let me explain...

I am slowly, and by slowly I mean VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY slowly gathering the items needed for my apartment. Fortunately I don't move in until the end of June, or I would be in serious trouble. Fortunately I also have patient friends who are enduring this process with me.

You see, I just can't seem to throw down the cash. I have some cash saved up and I can't seem to spend it, one for fear that it won't go far enough and then I will be out of luck, and two because I refuse to spend money on something I am not "in love with."

Add to that, the fact that I am in the USA, the land of a million choices. I feel compelled to view all of my options before I take the plunge, and well, in Raleigh, there are way too many options! And I feel like I am making rather permanent decisions, I mean really, if I am buying a couch I want to buy one that I will like for many many many years to come, and well, when you are picky, cheap and unable to throw down the cash...that becomes difficult.

So I find that I spend way too many hours during weeknights and on my days off "window shopping." I am fully prepared to make a purchase, should the deal arise, and well, that rarely happens because I am rarely able to find a deal that would motivate me to throw down the money.

Well this weekend I went to a department store because I was told they were having a huge sale on kitchen stuff. Let's face it folks, I needed to go, cookie sheets, muffin tins, bread pans etc. are not currently in my stock, and even a gluten free girl bakes cookies once in a while, especially with the lovely gluten free alternatives!

So I went, and I will say I scored.

I took the plunge and obtained the following:

Two Cookie sheets
cooling rack
muffin tin
bread pan
cake pan
9 inch cake pan

Price Paid: $15.00 Original price: Over $50. Yes. I think I did well.

While I was there I saw some shams. Liked them. A lot. I REALLY liked the duvet cover, but the duvet cover was insanely priced. The shams were as well, but in the wrong way, because the original price on the sticker was $7. I thought it was odd, liked the shams, but passed on the shams and went on my way.

Today I decided I really liked the shams. I figured I could get a different duvet and piece together my bedding. I went back and they were still there so I picked them up and on the way grabbed a few other things. The cashier rang up the bill and I was shocked by the price, it was WAY higher than in should have been. Then I noticed, that although the sticker said $7, they rang up for $75. OUCH! I pointed out the sticker price, and yep, you guessed it, I got the sticker price! So I am now the proud owner of a set of pillow shams and thanks to someone else's sticker making mistake I spent $14 on two pillow shams that apparently really cost $150. Yes. I am very proud of myself. So proud I bought a shower curtain too.

Progress folks. This is progress. Work with me and laugh with me.

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