Monday, May 26, 2008


When I was in Texas in January my brother and I had a long chat in the jeep as we returned from the beach. We both remarked on how we didn't know our aunts and uncles that well, and how we wished we had closer relationships with all of them, including our cousins. We also wished we had more traditions in our own family. So, in order to make sure our future is a little different, we set some new goals:

1. Always spend Thanksgiving together. I am the host, his family will come to me.
2. Always spend Christmas together. He is the host, I will go to his family.
3. Meet up at least one other time in the year for a "family vacay." (actually though, I am not sure if this last one was a resolution or an idea...I better get some clarification!)

Either way, we are resolute that our kids will no each other, and will know their aunts and uncles and extended family, and not just "know" them, but have relationships with them.


Brian Williams said...

Very cool. You can't change who your family is, but you can change how you interact with them. It's hard but worth it.

BTW- Welcome back. Didn't know you had gone but I'm sure glad the trip was everything you wanted it to be.

Leslie said...

Sounds like a great plan! I know our life is better because of our close extended family.