Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Noisy America.

Did you ever notice that just about everywhere in the United States there is noise?

Restaurants have the clanging of dishes, the buzzing of customers in life changing conversation, and of course, we need to have the background music because it wouldn't be the same without background music.

Coffee Shops have that lovely whirrrrrr of the machine...yes I don't know the technical name of the machine...but I don't drink coffee so I think I should be let off of the hook. Also, every coffee shop I have been in also has background music, and it isn't soft.

The Libary. Most often noise in the form of a printer. However I heard music in the library too, someone had their ipod turned all the way up and I could hear their headphones.

Stoplights. The horns are honking, engines purring, radio's blaring music through open car windows (the weather is lovely here by the way!).

The park. Dogs. People. Again more music from radios.

I have recently found myself starving for extreme quiet. I find myself longing for a chair next to a little table on my soon to be apartment patio with a glass of water, a book, a journal and a pen. In addition to all the external noise I encounter in the USA, there is a lot of noise in my head and in my heart and it would be so much easier to sort through that noise in my head and in my heart if there wasn't so much noise going on around me.

I used to find noise calming. As a kid I always went to bed with the radio on, it was soothing, even now, as I beg for quiet, I can't fall asleep without the hum of the fan. Lately though, I am finding the noise to be annoying, distracting, and frustrating.

When did America become so noisy?


Anonymous said...

America probably became noisy when you started listening....Hey is a "hocking car" one with allergies?

Nick Mangine said...

Like you said, noise is soothing. I think America is noisy because Americans want to be soothed.

You want quiet because you want to think, to ponder, to meditate, and to grow. But most Americans don't want any of those things. We just want to be soothed.

Heather said...

It became noisy while you were in Africa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
Nice to have you back! I am missing Pam posts :). I hear you my friend about the noise around us. I agree it is deafening. I find it secretly works to dull my hearts hum for more of what's Real. Save a place for me on your quiet future patio!

woosterweester said...

I had someone tell me recently that they like to stay busy right up until they go to bed so they don't have to be alone with their thoughts. I think part of the fear is that in the silence we not only come face to face with who we really are (or aren't) but we also begin to realize there is SOMEONE else out there, someone bigger who has been trying to get our attention. Noise is a great distraction, huh?