Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How quickly it fades...

I sponsor a Compassion Child in Arusha. Actually since I know the system, I sponsor a child in Unga Limited. It is kinda fun that way. When I write to him I know the people who will pass on the letter, and I also know the people who will make him sit down and write me back. In fact, I know the desk he will sit at and the room he will most likely sit down in. I know the faces of those who lead his program, the pastor, his wife, the Compassion Employees there. I know the ladies who sell vegetables, I know the food, I know the smells, the effect of heavy rains and I know the difficulties of his everyday life.

Today I sat down to write Geofrey a letter, and well, I know a lot of things about Geofrey's life, but today the one thing I struggled to know was Swahili. I tried so hard to write Geofrey in his native language, but it took everything to come up with words. I had to face the fact that I am forgetting it already. It amazes me that after just four months, the language I spent the last two years learning doesn't come to mind quickly, actually it is difficult to get it to come to mind at all. My heart grieves.

It further stresses for me the need to continue learning, growing, and diving in to whatever we are learning, because once we step out of it, we tend to forget what we have learned.

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