Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wide Awake

I have often said, "I never have a hard time sleeping."  

And I thought I was telling the truth.  Because usually I don't.  In college I would stay up way too late at night worrying about ridiculous stuff.  The last few years however, I realized that worrying never really helped, and sleep did, so I would give myself a pep talk and go to bed without a problem.

I am unable to pep-talk myself to sleep lately.

My brain is going 1,000 miles a minute and won't shut off.

The random thoughts going through my head:
  • Wonder what life is like in Haiti.
  • Wonder how Shane and Kara and their kiddos are in Kenya.
  • Will I really be able to do what I am going to Crosspointe to do?
  • What if, what if I fail miserably.
  • What clothes do I want to wear the next week?  (this would help in the packing that is taking place)
  • Man, I am hungry, I am sure I have eaten enough today but some ice cream really sounds good right now.
  • Wonder how Nadine is doing in Tanzania?  And Anna in Hawaii.  And Hannah in Wales.  And Tanya in South Africa.  Odd that a year ago we were all in church together in Arusha.
  • Will all of my stuff fit in a Honda Pilot?  I sure hope Jeremy's middle seat folds down.
  • Should I take some melatonin?
  • Worship this morning was awesome.  It was nice to not feel so out of place.
  • I am ready to work.  I hope it is a smooth transition.
  • Wonder if I should get a storage unit for the next couple of months.
  • Sleepy.  You are getting very sleepy.  (said with an inner voice similar to that of a hypnotist.)
  • Is it warm enough to pack away all those sweaters?
  • I wish I could fall asleep.  It would be nice for my eyes not to be burning tomorrow.
  • What books might I read in the next 3 months?
  • What color couch might I try to find?
  • I can't wait to spend time with the folks at Durham Rescue Mission.  How awesome it will be to build relationships with the homeless.  Can't wait to love on them.
  • I can't wait to get to Cary.
  • It's a bummer mom won't be back until after I leave.
  • My cousin is getting married in June in NC.  Sweet!  I get to see extended family!  Wouldn't it be awesome if Dad and Kay could somehow see where I will be living and working when they fly up for the wedding!
  • Thanksgiving.  My bro and sis and nephew are coming!  I am so excited.
  • Being an aunt is going to be awesome.  Can't wait to teach him what a camel says.
  • Christmas.  Going to Texas.  Sweet times with the bro and sis and nephew again.
  • Wonder when I can get there in 2009? (Texas)
  • Do I have wooden spoons in my containers?
  • Wonder if  I packed my measuring cups.
  • Wonder what snacks to pack for the road trip on Thursday.
  • It's morning in Kenya.  Wonder how life is there.
  • Wonder how my old team in Tanzania is doing.
  • How is Unga?  Is ministry going strong?
  • Quickbooks.  now is the time to buy it and get it on the computer and start using it.
  • Taxes.  Next years will be more difficult.
  • Organized.  Must.  Get. Organized.
  • Do I need a TV?  I think I want to intentionally not have one in my apartment.  People will think I am nuts.
  • Telephone.  Should I change my cell phone to a NC number?  Will verizon make me sign a new contract.
  • PO Box.  Should probably get one.
  • YIKES!  Need to forward my mail from CMF to Mom's so she can forward it to that PO Box that I think I might need to get.
  • Didn't talk to Dad this weekend.  Hope he is doing well.
  • Man I am frustrated the capri's I wore just four months ago in Tanzania didn't fit this morning.  Too many pot-lucks and meals out.  Must be better to my body.
  • It was awesome to wear a skirt and flip-flops today.  Wonder if I can again tomorrow.
It goes on and on, and yes, it repeats like a broken record.  

Off to try and sleep again.  

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