Sunday, April 06, 2008


I am almost there.

Almost home.

Almost settled. 3-4 more months to go.  I will survive.  I am sure of it.

But as I yet again pulled out the action packers and suitcases this afternoon, my heart sunk a little bit.  Packing.  Again.  Ugh. This would be the 7th time I have packed everything I own in 3 years.  And although it is a huge blessing to be able to stay with a family in the area for a while, I am having a hard time packing when I know I will be doing it again in 3-4 months.  

Although I am thrilled about where I am headed, I would like to utter the words, "Beam me up Scottie!" and be there, with my stuff and it sorted and organized and all in order.  And if Scottie would have me sitting on my couch sipping some blueberry tea I would be quite content.

A few things I have noticed in my packing:
1.  I have a few colors that I wear.  blue, green, and brown, and of course the occasional black.  My step-mom will laugh at this because she has been telling me to branch out for years, to which I responded, "I have, I now wear green and blue too!"

2.  I managed to accumulate quite a bit in the last 4 months.  Mind you there was Christmas, and my 30th, and well, I still had some stuff in mom's attic from before I left.  Also my old roomie Rachel saved some of the stuff I had given her that she isn't using and returned it to me today.  But oddly, I feel like I have too much.  

3.  I am getting lazier in my packing.  I used to roll the clothes (Because you really can fit more in a suitcase if you roll each item, trust me, I have had loads of practice!) but now I find myself sticking it in by the pile, cramming things in corners, fully aware that if I rolled I would be better off, but I just wanted it finished.

4.  I like shoes.  I never claimed to be a shoe lover, but apparently I am. :) 

5.  I am always behind on filing important paperwork.  Yes, it is true.  I just now put my Verizon bill from December in the file that I created for such documents.  Moving does have its benefits, the old bill would probably still be on my desk next month were it not for packing today.


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