Monday, April 14, 2008

Songs from my youth...

I was getting ready saturday morning and true to nature a song came to mind. There is always a song in my head, sometimes the one that comes forth surprises me. On saturday it was a song from the show Annie. The line that keeps repeating itself is from the scene where she shows up at the mansion and bursts into song, "I think I'm gonna like it here!"

Which is truly the spirit in my heart, except that I KNOW I'm gonna like it here! Put on the cheesy grin and glistening eyes that Annie has in the movie as she is awed by what is going on around her and there you have

I find myself noticing in little ways how God has prepared this place for me and some of them might be silly, but they bless my soul:

1. flip-flop weather. Yes I know. Silly, but I love it!
2. Warm welcomes! I am sure the Robbie Seay concert that was at Crosspointe was not a "welcome to Crosspointe" concert just for me, but it did provide an opportunity to meet more people and laugh and be silly and it was SO FUN! I feel oddly at home here, by oddly, I mean, I haven't ever lived here but I am finding that I can be me, all me, all the time and people are embracing it.
3. Farmers market. Adrianne told me about it when I was down for my interview. I really underestimated it until we arrived friday. WOW! It is HUGE! and permanent. The only Farmers Market I have ever experienced was the kind with pop-up tents that showed up in the neighborhood on fridays. This one compares to the county fair in my opinion. It will be on the to-see list when family visits! :)
4. Strangers talk to you here! I smiled when at the Farmer's market we entered into a conversation with a group of ladies buying herbs, and just laughed and enjoyed each other. This is something that you would do in the market in Tanzania, and I have to say I have missed talking to strangers (strange coming from an interovert) and I smiled as God knew I needed to end up in the South, this being one of the reasons.
5. My new co-workers are awesome! I can see we will be great friends, and that it will be fun to journey together.

There is so much more, but today is my first day of work, and I should probably get in the shower and get moving. And yes, you can probably assume Annie will be sung in the shower this morning!

More to come!

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