Friday, April 18, 2008

Rules of the Sabbath

I enjoy life more when I have a routine. For years I have had a routine (of sorts) but in every position I failed to include a vital element into the routine. Rest.

I used to have a routine of getting up, working out, reading, shower, head to work etc. The end of the day activities always varied, but I also strove to have "be home by" time and a "be in bed by" time. Rest, however never made its way into the routine, and thus only happened on accident, and well because it had to happen on accident it really never happened.

So I am starting a new routine. I am including rest in that routine. I am setting a stake in the ground for new territory and establishing a rhythm that includes a sabbath rest. Since I now work in a church and thus work Sundays I have friday off, and I planned months ago to set friday as a regular sabbath day.

These are the rules:
1. Take it easy.
2. Don't work. Don't even check that work email.
3. Do what I want.
4. Plan for it. (I find that if I plan an activity like a hike or morning in a coffee shop, the sabbath will actually be more likely happen.)
5. De-stress.
6. Let things go (even the bed, it doesn't have to be made.)
7. Make a valiant effort to enjoy the day, and not cram it with the to do list.
8. Do something I enjoy, something that refreshes my soul, and only these kinds of things.

The basic idea, is I won't work on that day, and will truly stop, take all of the life around me in, and be amazed by God, and get some rest for my planner, likes to be in control of all things.

I'll let you know how it goes. This could be interesting.


Anonymous said...

I just caught "I planned months ago to set Friday as a regular Sabbath".

Was that months before God had even opened the door to Crosspointe?

Pam said...

Poor wording on my part. I planned months ago to set aside a full day a week to sabbath, after the door opened at Crosspointe and I knew I would have friday off I set it to be on Friday.