Monday, April 07, 2008


2 more days.  


2 more days and  I am moving to North Carolina.

Oddly, it just sunk in tonight as I said goodbye to dear friends that this time I won't be back in a few days.  I think I have gotten so used to packing bags and boarding planes it seemed normal to pack them again.

I am moving.  And  I will admit, there are some good friends I have enjoyed hanging with the last few months, but I am excited about investing my heart somewhere again.  I am excited about investing in lives and leading and challenging and loving people where they are.  I am excited to live somewhere and be a part of something every day. I am excited to place roots, and have "home" and even think about living somewhere for countless years to come. It has been a long 4 months, yet time flew by so quickly.

I am leaving home again.  It is sad.  But I am also going home, and that is exciting.

And on a side note, to those faithful bloggers who know me well.  I got to wear a skirt and flip flops the last two days, and it was gleeful.  absolutely spectacular.  Loving the sunshine in the midwest!

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