Monday, April 21, 2008

Life...keeps me laughing...

God awesomely provided a vehicle before I arrived in Cary. Its a bit humbling to receive such a gift, and I am practicing gratitude in a whole new way.

Last week I went to register the car so that it would have valid plates and would be in my name. The plates that are on it expired in September 2007. When I arrived at the DMV I was told I didn't have all of the paperwork. I laughed, because really, I sort of expected that response. I was also informed that I needed to get a NC drivers license. I laughed. Cause really I was sure there was no way I could pass a test at this point.

I find out that I need to have proof of residence to get a drivers license.
Proof of residence requires that I have a residence, or bill which would assume that I have a residence, and at the moment I don't, because graciously the Galloway's are letting me reside in their basement until the end of June. Again I laughed. Because really, is the DMV really ever an easy trip?

So as the week goes on I talk to people and the DMV about how I can be a resident to get the license to get valid stickers and a new title. I am told of a few ways.

Friday the key starts sticking as I try to start the car.

Saturday I was running errands with one of the middle school girls and the key stopped turning. I looked at her, laughed, and called her dad who came to the rescue. Come to think of it I don't think she laughed at all.

Sunday I am given a car to use until the registration mess can be figured out and until we can get the key situation worked out.

Today I call the DMV. Get more info about the process. Oh yeah, I also read the book again so that maybe I can pass the test on the first try. I also call a recommended locksmith.

I wait for 3.5 hour this evening for the Locksmith to arrive. He finally does, and the key is working. And yes, he did tell me I should have called at the first sign of sticking as it would have been a much easier job. He then asked what I did for a living. I told him and then I laughed when he said, that must be a neat job, you only have to work on Sundays and Wednesday right? I laughed and told him I worked 5 days a week, sometimes 6. He was honestly in shock.

It's nearing 10, and I get on the DMV website to determine where to get my license, and where to register the car, and yep, you guessed it, they are at two different locations. Actually there are several locations where you can get a license, and there are several locations where you can get a title and register your vehicle, but there isn't one location where you can do it all. Yep. I laughed.

So tomorrow, I am getting up early, going to the church (because as Murphy would have it I left all of the pertinent paperwork at the office...laugh again) and then to the first license branch where I will hopefully pass the test and get a license. Actually I am really hoping they will allow me to take the test since the whole residency thing might be an issue.

If all goes well, then I will go to another branch and register the vehicle and get a title. If all goes well. Two license branches in one day...all my dreams are coming true!

So pray.

Pray I can sign a waiver for the residency requirement.
Pray I pass the tests. Yes there are two.
Pray I get a good picture, cause really, who wants a bad license picture. (go ahead you can laugh at this one!)
Pray that I can get a new title.
Pray that I can get the vehicle registered.
Pray that the people helping me in this process of transition know how much of a blessing they are, because I don't think I could say thanks enough.


Andrea G said...

did you get a quote on the key thing??

Pam said...

Actually the locksmith fixed it!!! I still should bother toyota for a second key so I don't get into a bind if the one I own gets lost, but I figured they probably want proof that i own the car first, so gotta get the license and the registration...hopefully tuesday!!!

Brazenlilly said...

Who says life in the US is more convenient? Sounds like some red-tape you might encounter in Tanzania!

Nick Mangine said...

It's always fun to laugh at developing nations and all the junk you have to go through--wait, you left Tanzania?

woosterweester said...

Seriously funny, at least since I'm reading it and not going through it. I had the same thoughts as the comments above...Tanzania or America? Hard to tell the difference on that one.

Megan Fausset said...

Sounds like you're back at Outreach. :-) Maybe you can have the church mail you something at the Galloway's.