Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The jacket is off!

My personal thermostat is...um...in need of repair? I am blaming East Africa.

The thermostat on the wall says 73, which used to be hot in terms of room temperature in my opinion. When I lived in Indy before Tanzania Rachel and I often kept the thermostat around 68 in the winter.

However I am having a little problem these days. There isn't a day in the last two weeks that I have come to work and actually taken off my jacket. I am cold. I almost feel like I should pull out a sweater or two from the boxes and leave them in my office. I just can't go there though, I am not a librarian.

This morning Mara brought in a space heater and life is changed! My feet are toasty, the jacket is off, and I can feel my fingers!

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