Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I bought a pillow...and pillowcases!

Part of moving home, is establishing home, and well I pretty much don't own a thing...well I own a few things, enough to fit into about 7 or 8 action packers. At the moment I don't really remember what is in them, they were packed 2 months ago, but I know there are books, old journals, some clothes, pictures, scrapbook stuff, some wooden spoons, measuring cups, my mixing bowl (I think) and of course some Africa stuff...

So I eventually, in a few months will have to furnish an apt (praise God for Craigslist.) And today a friend told me about freecycle and although I haven't had too much of a chance to dive into it, I imagine I will stop by several times over the next couple of months.

Today I took my first step. I bought a pillow, and a pair of pillow cases, and although you may think this is small, it was a very big step, I made a decision, on a home item, without it taking weeks. It only took 1 day, and four stores, 2 this morning, and 2 with a friend this evening.

I have spent nearly every night of the last several weeks looking at vehicles and apartments online, and have some ideas, but those kinds of decisions elude me at the moment. Car buying is stressful, trying to stay in the budget, but get reliable without a payment is difficult, not impossible, but quite difficult, because you really never can tell when you are looking at a used vehicle whether or not it is reliable. And honestly, large purchases cause me great anxiety.

Have I mentioned that I have never in my life even purchased a TV? Seriously folks, I will need some shopping help when I move to NC! Applications from anyone who has the patience to stand beside an indecisive girl who has a hard time spending cash will be taken soon!

Thankfully I will have a place to stay in North Carolina for a bit so I can have a better lay of the land to know where I want to move my 7 or 8 trunks and pillow. God is good to me, He knows just how much I can handle!


Heather said...

And here I thought it was just a good deal on a great pillow.

Gwenn Mangine said...

I understand the anxiety factor about large purchases..

As we "downsize" I will keep you in mind... though most of our stuff is junk.

Kristy Lawrance said...

We're dying to know details of NC. Neither link worked for us. 'Fess up Pam?!?

chocolategravy said...

You might ask Gwenn & Nick about their kitchen table. They bought it from us when we moved to England... doubt it's going to Haiti. :-)