Friday, April 04, 2008


It's official.  It's been announced to staff, and to the people who receive their email newsletter.  And those of you who have emailed and commented wanting to know the gritty details of what was next, thanks for being patient...

Here's a clip from the email announcement:

A new pastor is joining us on  staff, Pam McKerring. For the past year we’ve realized that we need to be very  intentional and build effective strategies that easily connect the people in  our church community with our mission focuses and partnerships. Whether that  be with the Durham Rescue Mission, tackling homelessness in Raleigh, or with  our orphans in Kenya or Haiti—we’ve done a good job ofas  inspiring people to go and get  involved, but it hasn’t been easy for people to actually do it. Enter Pam.  Some of you may remember her from her mission work in Tanzania, Africa over the last two years as we’ve shared with the  Crosspointe community. Additionally, she’s had years of experience in the  states working in the inner city. Pam has a huge heart to walk alongside and  love people and equip others to do the same. So, needless to say, we are all  extremely excited that Pam has agreed to join our staff. Even though finances  have been tight in recent months, after much prayer we are very confident that  this is what God is up to, and we are convinced that this is a critical need  in our community that cannot be ignored in order to support all the momentum  God has already been building with missions among our church. Pam will be  arriving the weekend of April 13th. Please take time to welcome her  into our church community. 

Words cannot express the excitement I have about this journey.  I am thrilled, no ecstatic...or maybe it is shock..and awe..well just flat out...filled with great anticipation and excitement over this role and position.  Feel free to check out Crosspointe on the web, or read Jonathan's blog to get to know my old friend and new boss a bit better.  And of course, keep praying, cause I am moving again...but this time I anticipate putting down some roots. Oh, this is so exciting!

And can I just say, I am impressed by southern hospitality already.  The email went out today, (I get it now too!) and I have hordes of welcome emails from people in the church, and loads of offers for a place to crash in the transition phase.  Wow.  I am really looking forward to this.


Gwenn Mangine said...

It's gonna be great. I am excited.

Dr. j... said...

We will most definitely have fun!
Great to be in a place that treats God like a real, active, alive, involved, intentionally relational and passionately powerful God! Can't wait to get you
here! (wish you were here this weekend for the
FH retreat)

andrea said...

btw, has Jonathan mentioned SHEPHERD Care to you??
We need to talk! Can hardly wait to be one of your new friends!!

Anonymous said...

If you like Southern Hospitality, just wait until you try Southern food!
So happy to see where the Lord has placed you. God bless you!!!