Monday, March 03, 2008

What would the church look like...?

I have been pondering an idea for several months, and shared it with the guys in NC and well, I just can't seem to get the idea, or the question really, out of my mind.

What if, what if, we took the "I" out of church and made it less about "me" and more about "we?"

What if instead of approaching church for what I want to get out of it, I approached it with an attitude of what I could give to it?

What if instead of hoping they would help me walk my personal walk with Jesus we journeyed together, in community, together, in unity, removing the "me" focus and made it about "we?"

hmmm. I think I would like that. Cause really, the Gospel isn't about me. Its about Jesus, loving everyone, and I get to receive that love, but I wasn't given that love just for me to feel warm and fuzzy...I want to live in a world of "we."

We go.

We live.

We journey.

We share.

We rejoice.

We hurt.

We love.

We forgive.

We trust.

We push.

We commit.

We learn.

We cry.

We laugh.

We explore. it all...together...not in some weird cult like group, but in an amazing group of people living life together and letting the world join in. The whole world, not just my world.



Angie said...

someone once had me look at all of the "one anothers" in the Bible - a pretty amazing idea. i'm glad you're a part of my "we". Ang

D. L. Webster said...

I've been thinking this way for a while now, and I actually think it's critical to look at Christianity as the community known as the church.

stephen said...

we agree.