Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tough Questions.

I don't quite know how to function in the USA. My heart, my world view, my belief systems have all been affected by what I have seen, smelled, touched. Part of me hesitates to be real, because the typical response with the questions I am asking would be of concern, and as I share my heart with you, and the questions I am asking, let me reassure you that my faith is stronger than it ever has been, even as I ask questions...

The biggest question is where is God...
in the life of the three year old playing in the dirt and poop mixture of the slums.
in the woman dying of AIDS when she should be living life to the fullest.
in the man beating his wife because she didn't have dinner on the table.
in my confusion of how to live in America.
in my processing of my car accident and the weeks following.
in the sorrow of missing people in Tanzania.
in the constant transition over the last few years.
in the life of a man who wants to get off of the streets but just can't seem to cross that hurdle.
in the kids high on glue.
in the mom begging for money to feed her children.
in the war torn countries of this world.

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