Friday, March 21, 2008

The Real World

Its been an awesome week. For the last five days we have been surrounded by people like us...

People who have a heart for the world.
People who have lived around the world for various reasons and now see it quite differently.
Some of us have been hurt in those places.
Some of us have felt betrayed.
Some of us have questioned God.
All of us are feeling quite alone as we re-enter the United States, because no matter how hard we try, it is so incredibly hard to describe how our lives have been changed in our journeys to the extent that the listener could fully understand.

This week, we were understood. This week we wept, we laughed, we poked a little fun, we shared our frustrations and our anger, and our hurt, and our feeling like we were pushed to the limit in so many ways. This week, we were in a place where it was safe to be unsure of who we were and just soak in the wisdom of the MTI staff who have been there and done that.

It has been an awesome week. We have learned its OK to feel like strangers here, we have learned how God meets us where we are, and we have learned that we are in fact normal although we feel so incredibly abnormal.

Today though, we leave this comfortable bubble of being back in the real world. Pray for all of us, and be patient for us, as we are all in transition, and transition is such a weary place.


woosterweester said...

Transition is the toughest stage of labor and delivery. Soon enough though, something new is birthed into the world and all the effort and pain was worth it.

Pam said...

What an amazing way to look at it! Thanks for the analogy and new perspective!