Friday, March 28, 2008


3 nights. 3 days. Rest. It was good.

I read. I slept. I watched a few movies, and thought through some questions that had been running around in my brain. It was good to wake up on my own this morning and feel rested. There is something nourishing about rest.

I also got some news today from my favorite Family Practice Doctor. She rocks.

To make a long story short, and not too difficult to stomach, my stomach just hasn't been right. What started last April, seemed to end last August. But, it started again when I landed here in December.

I have kept it quiet, but basically my stomach just isn't happy. I talked to my favorite Family Doctor about it (she really is awesome) and she recommended some tests. Since I was traveling so much I put off the tests because it required to be in Indy long enough to actually do the tests. I completed them this week, which may be more information than you really wanted to know, but I submitted my samples on Monday. Got the phone call today. There isn't an Annie. There isn't a parasite. There just seems to be one unhappy gut. And a referral to a GI doctor. I hope to leave Indy in about 2 weeks. Maybe I will have to get a different referral.

So I am going back to the gluten free diet. Because in all of my testing and experimenting, that is the only thing that seems to work. At least it is easier to be gluten free in the USA than it is in Tanzania.

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