Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am not a plane evangelist.

I have friends of mine who take every opportunity possible to share the Gospel with someone. They often talk about conversations they had with people on planes, and how awesome it was.

I am not one of these people. I treasure my flights like one would treasure the day where no one was in the office but you... I plug in the headphones...and get to work... because lets face it, I don't have an office, and lately the only time I can block out the world and get organized and respond to people is when I am on a plane.

For example...the bottom left hand corner of my inbox looked like this when I got on the plane:And when I heard the flight attendant interrupt to say we were making our final approach:

And, on top of that, I got my financial report done, which of course is a good thing as I am due to be reimbursed for some plane tickets and travel expenses.

Today was a productive day in the office. And I did take a tea break and talk to the little old lady sitting next me, so I wasn't in complete isolation.

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