Monday, March 10, 2008

Going going going...

I was much better at blogging when I lived in Tanzania. Partly I think that is due to the fact that there were so many exciting things to write about on a daily basis. Add to that the fact that at night I didn't have TV and was home almost every night from dinner on and you get a blogger with loads of time to share her thoughts with the world...

And I find that I am not only lacking the time to put my thoughts on this blog, but I am also lacking the words. I am lacking the energy and I am lacking ability.

Saturday I boarded flights 22 and 23 and headed down to North Carolina for an amazing weekend. It has been awesome to sit down with the leaders of Crosspointe Church and dream with them, and also just to laugh and enjoy who God is and what He is doing at Crosspointe Church. To say it has been fun and exciting is an understatement.

Tomorrow I will board planes 24 an 25 and head back to Indianapolis, will there will be a short blogging break as I enter into rest! No joke. I am in awe of what lies before me the next few days. I land in Indy at 1:15 and after a quick re-pack and grocery trip a friend of mine is going to drop me off at a ranch where this couple has built a retreat center purely for the sake of those in ministry getting rest. So from Tuesday afternoon until Friday afternoon/evening I will be at a cabin, stranded (with the owners nearby of course). No tv. No internet. Nobody asking about ministry. No need to "tell the stories." No one asking me "what's next?" No one. In fact if I want to, I can become a hermit and not come out of the cabin the entire three days...or I can take advantage of the lake, the acres of land for walking, the horses etc....all this of course will depend on just how much snow is on the ground. I am of course tempted to only pack all know how I feel about pajamas. And yes I have a bag of books and journals too.

So as I break, do this for me: pray for me. Yes 3 days of silence is wonderful, but I also know that 3 days of silence means that for those 3 days the noise that has distracted me from the emotions of returning to the USA and as well as the noise the has kept me from recognizing the grief in my heart after leaving this place I have loved will no longer will be there. Pray as I start to peel away the layers, and start the mental and emotional adjustment process.

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