Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Everything Must Change

I started a new book today, and it is challenging how I view Christianity and its place in the world we live in. A few of my favorite thoughts so far:

"Did God only care about our souls going to heaven after we died? Were our hungry bellies unimportant to God? Was God unconcerned about our crying sons and frightened daughters, our mother hiding under our beds, our father crouching by windows, unable to sleep because of gunfire? Or did God send Jesus to teach us how to avoid genocide by learning how to love each other, how to overcome tribalism and poverty by following his path, how to deal with injustice and corruption, how to make a better life here on earth--here in East Africa?"

"I see it. Today for the first time, I see what Jesus meant by the kingdom of God. I see that it's about changing this world, not just escaping it and retreating into our churches. If Jesus' message of the kingdom of God is true, then everything must change. Everything must change."

Both of these quotes were statements made by East Africans who had decided there must be another way, another way to see Jesus than just as a Savior. They had come to the conclusion that Jesus is more than just a salvation ticket, but a way of life, a way that could end the corruption in their world and the killing and murdering and intimidation that is often a part of their own daily lives. It seems we could learn a lot from them.

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